Collision Repair

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After any accident it can be a frustrating and rough time to get deal with getting estimates and knowing your options.

Let us help.

We can give you peace of mind, we can give you a complete view of the bigger picture.

Set Schedule

Here at Bones Body Shop we will set you with a schedule that works for your needs. Our typical turn around for most collision work is 3-4 days.

Since we can do all of our repairs in house, you are guaranteed a solid repair that has been handled by the same tech throughout the entire process.


Currently one of the few body shops left that will repair rust, we will need to see your car to assess the damages.

We have repaired truck beds, tailgates, rockers, fenders, door skins, quarter panels and frames.

Some repairs can be made from fabricating new metal. Other repairs are more cost efficient with patch-panels or replacements.

Please give us a call or email for further details.


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